Happy Parents at Manav Rachna International School – Sector 51

Saisha Mehta, student of Grade V (Teresa)

shares her excitement about online classes. Her father, Mr. Manish Kumar appreciates MRIS-51 Gurugram for choosing an online platform to conduct classes.

Ms. Sivangi Keprate, mother of Divija Thakur, a student of Grade 2 (Nilgiris)
shares, ‘As a parent, I am learning a lot from these classes and these classes have given us a great opportunity to spend time with our daughter. I have also noticed developments in my daughter’s life skills’.
Ms. Sheetal Arora, mother of Kabir Alam Khan (Grade VI Explorers),

MRIS-Ludhiana shares how her child is getting an opportunity to be an active participant during the online classes being conducted during this lockdown.

Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, mother of Harnoor Kaur (Grade IX student)

thanks MRIS-51 for starting online classes.

Bhavik Pandey (Grade V Student) and his mother Ms. Jyotsna Pandey

shares their experience with online classes and give a beautiful message

Dishita Pandey (Grade VI student of MRIS-51, Gurugram) and her father Mr. Mukesh Pandey

shares how online classes came to rescue during this lockdown.

Hear Dhruvi Agarwal of Grade-1 (Inquirers) and her mother Ms. Reshu Gupta

sharing their experiences about.

Aarav Rangraj Grade V (Mandela) student at MRIS-51, Gurugram and his mother Ms. Pooja Rangraj
share their experience about online classes
The little kid Shamith Singh, Grade I student, MRIS-51,
Gurugram beautifully describes his experience about online classes. Hear him and his mother Ms. Poonam.
Anwesha of Grade II (Aravali), MRIS-51 Gurugram and her mother
express their appreciation for online classes. In these uncertain times when life has come to a standstill, children are happy to receive education and spend time with their friends and teachers. They are also becoming tech-savvy and independent. Their words are a motivation for all.
Teachers of MRIS-51

put forth their artwork; learning material is interactive and efficient’, shares Mrs. Anju Thakore, grandmother of Dhruvisha Thakore, Grade VI (Researchers) at MRIS-51, Gurugram while thanking teachers and school management for starting online classes

Mr. Rahul Sharma, father of Yuvraj Sharma, student of Grade VII (Kepler)

appreciates the online teaching-learning process at MRIS, Sec-51, Gurugram.

Ms. Aarti Chawla, parent of Kaashvi Chawla, a student of Grade V (Teresa) at MRIS-51,

Gurugram recognizes the initiative of starting online classes by the school. She shares, “The most interesting is Flip teaching in which they can teach as a teacher to other students”.

Mrs. Rachita Nigam, mother of Prithvi Nigam, a student of Grade VII (Hailey), MRIS-51 Gurugram
“Manav Rachna has evolved and adopted novel ideas to continue learning. These online classes are providing a structure and routine to our kids which is really necessary”, Mrs. Rachita Nigam, mother of Prithvi Nigam, a student of Grade VII (Hailey), MRIS-51 Gurugram.
Ms. Namita Sourabh, parent of Shikhar Sourabh, a student of Grade IX (Brahmaputra)

“We are getting individual attention for our child at MRIS-51, Gurugram. Even during lockdown, besides academics, they are having sports, arts, music, yoga and career counseling sessions”, shares Ms. Namita Sourabh, parent of Shikhar Sourabh, a student of Grade IX (Brahmaputra).

Ms. Sunita Gupta, mother of Kavya Gupta, a student of Grade VII (Halley), MRIS-51,

Gurugram shares her experience about online classes.

Mr. Vikas Gugnani, father of Namish Gugnani, a student of Grade VIII (Kalam)
congratulates MRIS teachers and management for conducting online classes so wonderfully. He says, “Apart from academics, MRIS has started extra curricular activities such as Fine Arts, PT, Yoga classes, and others.”
Ms. Annu Yadav, mother of Rishit Yadav, student of Grade IV (Indian)
shares her experience:
Thank you parents for your kind words and support.

Thank you parents for your kind words and support. We always work towards providing students with the best education! Your positive feedback & appreciation always motivate & inspire us to work harder and give the best learning experience to every child at MRIS, Mayfield Gardens, Sec -51, Gurugram.