Virtual Debate for Grade IX Students

MRIS-51 Gurugram organised an online debate for students of Grade IX, which turned out to be a highly successful and rewarding experience for the young and energetic speakers.
The debate acted as a great platform for students to showcase their speaking skills, their ability to build on arguments and their confidence in holding their ground and getting their point across. Further, students observed that preparing for the debate helped them in augmenting their knowledge about the subjects in question as they had to do intensive research to create coherent arguments.

The topic of the debate was “Can online classes completely substitute for physical classroom teaching?”

It was great to see students exhibit their ideas and thoughts on the subject eloquently. The quality of the debate made it apparent that students felt really strongly about the topic assigned to them, given the current circumstances.
Debates such as these help us understand the strengths and potential of our students better. They also help them in self-discovery as they unravel the talents of the students for themselves to see.

2020-05-15T15:53:52+05:30May 15th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 51|