There is nothing more precious than a child and nothing more important than the safety of all our children.

In an endeavor to make children aware of personal safety, a session on “No Touch” was taken by the school counselor for the students of Grade 1 at Manav Rachna International School Sector 51, Gurugram. The virtual session was taken with an intent to enable children to understand what is safe and most importantly who all they can approach when in need. The session explained that a good touch makes them feel happy, such as a hug from their parents and when a teacher pats them on the back for good behavior, while a bad touch is when the touch makes them feel uncomfortable and the touch is without their consent. They learnt to say No, walk out, and tell a trusted adult when faced with danger around. They were told about the concept of safe circle and the children also drew their individual safe circles after the session.

The concept was explained through a powerpoint presentation and a related video. They were attentive and interactive during the session and also came up with queries and some stories to share.