At MRIS-51, Gurugram we believe that if we need our students to become successful leaders or be successful in their careers then one of the key ways is to strengthen their oral communication skills. This is done by organizing small group discussions and collaborative learning sessions where students support each other and share their insights together.

Hence, the students are always given a platform to enhance their skills and develop confidence, their ability to express ideas, compare and contrast theories and issues, and solve problems related to their real life.

In an attempt to develop such skills in children, a group discussion was conducted for Grade VII and IX on 17th July 2020.

The GD topic for Grade VII was ‘The Impact Of Technology on jobs’ and for Grade IX was ‘Are we helping beggars by offering money or should we discourage begging?.’

The students of Grade VII exhibited good knowledge about the topic during the GD and displayed excellent oratory skills while expressing their thoughts. They comprehended the topic well and discussed relevant ideas pertaining to the present pandemic scenario.

The same confidence and amazing speaking power were visible in the Grade IX students as well during their GD.

Overall, it was heartening to see the knowledge and nuanced understanding that our students have for the world outside. They displayed unparalleled sensitivity to the socio-economic issues discussed and presented their thoughts in a very lucid and thorough way, hence achieving the objectives of the exercise.