Grade V CREST Activity on Indian Govt. Campaigns/Drives/Missions

“Awareness is like the Sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed”

Awareness is one of the key factors that can help us progress in life. It broadens our horizon and helps us look beyond our own lives and reflect upon the society we are a part of. The same was significantly evident during a CREST activity of Grade V at MRIS 51 Gurugram, as the students explored various campaigns/drives/missions initiated by the Indian Government for its citizens. They spoke confidently about various campaigns and complimented it with beautiful drawings and some important facts. It was heartening to see young boys talk about “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Mission”. This is a reflection of how the new generation thinks about gender equality.   It seems there is no looking back for these young enthusiasts as they have decided to take long strides and discover every new thing that comes their way with flying colours.

2020-05-21T11:53:15+05:30May 21st, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 51|