Special Education Need

The Special Education Needs Department at MRIS-46, Gurugram is committed to helping children with special educational needs to develop skills and independence using various inclusive practices. 

Individualized Education Plan

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by the multidisciplinary team. The process aims at setting goals after thorough observation and assessment of the child. The child’s progress and performance is assessed by the therapists on regular intervals.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapists at MRIS-46 assist children with speech, language and communication disorders. A therapy program is designed according to the child’s needs that focuses on various aspects like improving fluency, voice regulation, feeding difficulties and mainly developing communication skills.   

Occupational Therapy

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to help strengthen the coordination between brain and body that allows children with various needs to improve their cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills. Occupational Therapy also enhances their self-esteem and promotes functional independence.

Life Skills

Children are provided functional training that prepares them to be a productive and active member of their communities. These include various hands-on activities and development of knowledge and skills that will help them to handle daily tasks in their lives, such as personal hygiene, money management, marketing and many more.

Curricular Support

Our special educators ensure that children benefit the most from their environment and provide them educational support keeping in mind their individual differences and needs. Special Educators use different and systematically monitored approaches to teaching in adapted teaching areas. Remedial classes and specially designed programs like Early Intervention and Classroom Readiness Program are also offered. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Integrating art, music, sports, clay modeling, celebration of festivals and other co-curricular activities have enabled our children to enhance their personality and maximize their learning. The SEN department has organized a number of innovative activities, such as:

Inter-School Events

Students get many opportunities to test their skills and participate in inter-school events where they don’t just compete but also learn about collaboration, sportsmanship and hard work. Students associated with SEN department have brought many laurels to school from their participation at Inclusive Swimming Meet, Dance Competitions, Jewelry Making and National Talent Olympiad.

India Calling

An Annual Inter-School competition which is a manifestation of our inclusive policy, invited students from nine institutions offering special education to participate in this collaborative learning event, offering activities organized under various categories.

Online Sessions

The Special Educators and Therapists adapted themselves to the demands of situation and switched to online sessions. Using a combination of technology and other creative strategies they ensure that children do not miss out on learning. They aim to provide an enriching learning experience by engaging children with interactive learning materials.

Workshops for Parents

We focus on empowering parents and keeping them abreast of the latest developments. Covering topics like Bibliotherapy, Handwriting without Tears, Graphology and Sensory Play. These sessions have helped parents to learn new skills, strategies and practice positive guidance. 

Trainings and Workshops

Education is a never ending process. Several learning sessions are organized for teachers to encourage skill enhancement and a better understanding of children with special needs. Some of them include:

Community Awareness

The school has taken a step towards creating awareness and emphasising the importance of inclusive education in the society through awareness walks, dance and street play on various occasions, such as


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