Performing Arts

To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs.
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Performing Arts too is an integral part of our curriculum in the Primary School. We encourage students to actively involve themselves in this art form as it is not only an opportunity to showcase their talent but it also helps refresh one’s body, mind, and soul. It acts almost like therapy, building courage, self-confidence, and promoting growth.

Dance is not just an exercise alone or stretching unused muscles, but it also helps expand one’s imagination and creativity. Dancing helps the brain release natural chemicals like Oxytocin and Dopamine which are often referred to as “happiness chemicals”, promoting a positive mindset.

Music too is a powerful tool of self-expression unique to each student. We help students of Primary school explore the vast possibilities in the expanding world of music. Studies have shown that studying music helps students improve their ability to learn and retain information!

Drama helps students to communicate their emotions through storytelling and theatre  Through this, students learn to articulate their words, improve co-operation, and teamwork. Performing Arts help students channel their emotions instead of suppressing them. This helps children stay confident, stable and happy.