Ms. Karuna Jha Headmistress Primary School, Grades II-V

To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs.
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Ms. Karuna Jha
Headmistress Primary School, Grades II-V

Ms. Karuna Jha has around 25 years of rich teaching and administrative experiences in the educational field with institutions of repute having ICSE / CBSE / PYP patterns of education.

After completing Bachelors in Art with core subjects English, Economics and Psychology, she headed for her professional degree and completed her B.Ed and Diploma in Educational Administration, Management and Leadership in School Education. As they say, pursuit for education is forever in constitution, she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education.

Adorning oneself with qualification loses its essence if one did not experience joy while acquiring them. With this collective understanding, she strongly feels that when children start their first stage of formal education in Primary School, it should be a journey of emotions, experiences and memories worth looking back at. They should experience a magnetic pull to make a beeline for school and this magnetism should have defining lines of love, challenge, fostering and evolution. You trust the learner and they will find their way by sometimes stumbling, discovering and finally achieving. Let the learner be an active participant in the educational process, not a passive witness to it. The content, idea or concept being pursued must largely be relevant to the learner.

School is an imperative social institution in a child’s life which should allow them to explore experiment and discover learning. Alongside conceptual learning, the curriculum should offer reflection, change and action – in the form of skills, attitudes, mindsets and practices. While they are here to win the race, it is far more important that they participate in it first. It is the memories and experiences that will mould them into their uniqueness.

The School is the place where students will learn the value of time, social skills and work on their sociality and above all, discover themselves, which will leave an indelible print on their personality.  These are the tools they need at their disposal to maneuver through the labyrinth of challenges that life may throw at them. The stigmatized understanding of schools just being about rote learning is being increasingly fragmented by schools like Manav Rachna.