Students of SEN Department participated in India Calling

“Every student can learn, but not on the same day and the same way”

Inclusive education is a commitment that an institution makes to itself, a commitment to provide for all, no matter the challenges. MRIS 46 started its Special Education Needs Department six years ago with the vision that ‘no child is left behind’.

In the 10th edition of India Calling, an Inter-School event, the school opened its doors to the students of SEN department across schools and brought them together on a platform to share and learn along with their peers. Students from nine institutions offering special education participated in this collaborative learning event. Activities organized under various categories were Art Attack, Young Sculptors and Model Making. Students enthusiastically showcased their talent and proudly spoke about their projects.  The event concluded with a cultural performance by students of MRIS-46 SEN Department. Needless to say, it gave a huge boost to the confidence of the participants.

Conceptualized a decade ago, India Calling has always been based on thought provoking themes like Dharohar- Reviving the Lost Indian Heritage, Futuristic India 2045, India of my Dreams, Meri Maati Ki Khushbu- Folk India, Make in India. The theme this year was Navodit Bharat, an Emerging India.

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