Spectrum by the students of Early Years

“Har din hai Dharti ka din, ped lagaein hum gin gin.’’

With this message in their hearts, students of Early Years of MRIS – 46 presented Spectrum – ‘A fun-filled learning journey’. Students of Toddlers, Nursery and KG showcased their learning of the first two CREST themes, big project, soft skills and their integration with other learning areas. The excitement and energy of the little ones were spellbound as they welcomed their parents with a dance performance.

Toddlers in their presentation spoke about themselves and their body parts, various patterns found in clothes, dressing up as per occasions and seasons.

Students of Nursery enacted as the various farm, pet, wild and aquatic animals. Collectively they appealed the audience that animals too need a clean and green habitat to live. Children also spoke about different body parts and emphasized on the importance of sense organs.

Kindergarteners spoke about nuclear and joint family and the importance of it. Children conducted a quiz session wherein they asked the parents, various questions related to the CREST theme, ‘Wonders of Nature’. Children involved their parents in doing some animal exercises and shared interesting facts about plants. Through the learning of the big project under the UNSDG Goal -12, parents went back home with a strong message that we should value the resources which we have and should use them wisely for their optimum utilization. Parents along with the students took an oath to take care of the planet Earth.

Spectrum concluded with a beautiful finale dance performance and parents took a gallery walk to see the beautiful crafts and utility items made by the students using waste material. Reuse, reduce and recycle is indeed the key point of the Big Project. Our young ones are true saviors of Mother Earth.

2019-09-11T23:12:26+05:30September 11th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 46|