Pyjama party in Toddlers

Learning is more effective when its experiential rather than a passive process.

Toddler teachers at MRIS 46 Gurugram organized a Pyjama Party and Laundry day for the theme Dressing up. Our little explorers learnt about different types of clothes and their use according to the time, occasion and comfort. To make the theme unforgettable, a Pyjama Party was held where the children and teachers came dressed in their nightwear and everyone carried their favourite toy. Children learnt the life skill of sharing and caring through various games, heard bed time stories-lullabies and pretended to sleep under a tent made by the teacher in the class. Children explored the concepts: wet and dry; clean dirty as they washed their toys and napkins. Children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of washing, rinsing and pegging the napkins.The sense of achievement and collaborative working in accomplishing the tasks taught them valuable life skills .

2018-12-08T17:42:04+05:30April 21st, 2018|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 46|