Learning by Doing, “Internships”

Internships help to bridge the gap between the educational and the professional world. School students learn skills like collaboration, keeping deadlines, respect for co working spaces, and punctuality apart from gaining knowledge about the field in which they are interning.

Senior school students from Grade 9 to 12 participated in various internship programs that commenced in the month of June, 2018. Each internship programme was for a different duration and the last one of the four concluded in July, 2018.

  1. CK Birla Hospital for Women:
    A week long internship programme was conducted in June, at the CK Birla hospital for Women. The students had an induction programme apart from gaining an insight into the daily working of the hospital: CPR & first aid, adolescent issues and the working of the fertility clinic. The students were given away certificates at the end of the programme after the presentation of group projects.
  1. NGO “Uthaan”:
    Students volunteered at the Butterfly Park in June, 2018, with the NGO “Uthaan” and created awareness amongst people for the critical need of Environment Conservation and Animal Welfare. Students took part in Tree Plantation drives and painted walls of the park on Environment Conservation Themes. Programs like these help instilling sense of empathy, sensitivity and motivate the students to come forward and lend a helping hand.
  1. New Fusion School:
    Another internship that found many takers was to teach underprivileged children of the New Fusion School. Students interacted with economically weaker sections of children in the “Each one – Teach one” initiative. There was exchange of ideas and discussions on Social issues. Each participant earned a certificate at the end of the internship.
  1. Training for Psychology Students:
    The last internship to be held was a week’s Intensive training in which 23 Psychology students from grade 12 participated. The internship focused on providing exposure to clinical settings, Orientation to the applied fields, discussion of Psychological case studies and their Therapeutic Approaches and Presentation of project under mental health experts.

The month of June and July kept students on their toes with back to back internships. The internship programs find many takers as certificates earned in these internships go a long way in adding credits for future admissions in colleges.

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