Interactive session by Dr. Geet Oberoi at Special Education Needs Department

There is transparency in every disability…….Let your ability shine through.

The fraternity of MRIS-46, Gurugram believes in constantly working towards becoming an ultimate platform for providing the best to its students and equipping the teachers to achieve that. In accordance, the Special Education Needs Department (SEN) in MRIS-46 hosted a workshop conducted by a dynamic psychologist and revered special educator, Dr. Geet Oberoi on the theme- ‘Inside Every Child, A Rainbow is Waiting to Shine’ recently. Teachers from different schools from across Delhi-NCR attended it.

The Resource Person, Dr. Geet Oberoi gave great insight into maximizing the accommodations given by CBSE and empowering the students with special education needs by utilizing them efficiently. She also discussed the nuances of psychological assessments to a great length. It was a revelation for the special educators and teachers attending the workshop. She laid great emphasis on the fact that the ultimate aim of parents and teachers of children with special needs must be their happiness quotient. She stressed on strengthening their strengths rather than highlighting their weaknesses.

Dr. Geet Oberoi handled the queries put forth by the teachers very patiently. The workshop was creditable, informative and highly interactive.

“Don’t let the mind limit, what an able heart can do”. It is time that society understands the value of being happy, more than being successful.

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