Grandparents Day Celebrations

‘’Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

To keep our little ones rooted to the culture of respecting elders in the family, MRIS – 46 celebrated Grandparents Day. ‘Grandparents ke Sang, Masti Ke Rang’ was the theme of the day – A fun filled evening full of surprises awaited for the grandparents. Grandchildren and grandparents dressed up in festive clothes were welcomed by the auspicious ‘Tilak’.

The event started by a ‘Garba’ performance by the teachers. Grandparents also joined the dance with full vigour. Someone has rightly said , ‘Dil to bachaa hai Ji’, grandparents along with the grandchildren enjoyed one minute games and posed at the photo booths. The fun and the excitement was not yet over, grandparents and grandchildren enjoyed watching movie ‘Luv Kush’ at MRIS Talkies.

Watching movie in an open theatre with yummy treats on sprawling school ground was enjoyed by one and all. Children learnt life skills such as being obedient, brave, kind and caring like Luv Kush from the movie. The event culminated with the beautiful memories created together by the grandparents and the grandchildren. A small token of love made by the ones they love, was handed over to them. Grandparents shared their thoughts and thanked the school for organizing such a special day for them. They were filled with gratitude as they bid adieu to all.

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