Grade V students visited Harmony House

We cannot help everyone but each one of us can certainly help someone. If children incorporate random acts of kindness in their daily life, they will certainly set the world in the right direction. With the aim of inculcating the spirit of empathy in today’s generation, the children of ISR vertical of Grade 5 at MRIS 46, Gurugram went for an interaction with the inmates of the Harmony House-an institution for underprivileged children. They were fascinated to learn about the meditation room, music room and the hi-tech software used for learning languages. The vocational training being imparted to the children was another area of interest for them. The children came back inspired to help underprivileged children to lead a better life.

2020-02-24T17:50:52+05:30February 24th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 46|