Every father is turned by their child’s love into heroes, adventurers and storytellers. This Father’s Day held a pleasant surprise for fathers of the children of Foundation years of MRIS-46, Gurugram as they joined for a celebration honoring fathers, celebrating fatherhood and the role of fathers in their children’s lives. The event took off with a photo and video montage of children expressing their love and respect for their father. A first time experience of a shadow puppet theatre by a teacher enthralled the children. To make the celebration even more delightful, fathers and children played various lively one-minute games like making airplanes, doing push-ups or jumping jacks and scavenger hunt.


Children presented their parents with ties, cards, paintings which they made during their online learning sessions. “Dad, it’s my turn to hold your hand and show you the way” said the little ones as they guided their fathers to walk on a straight line with their eyes blindfolded. An added bonus was the presence of grandfathers and uncles who are also like father figures to the children. The memorable interaction concluded with a heart-warming Hindi poem on father’s love. Appreciation poured in for the joyful hour of reliving childhood memories amidst all the challenges of present times.