The Music Room – “Crescendo”

A spacious room with customized platforms for orchestra and choir rehearsals, it is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, sound system and Wi-Fi for direct streaming of music and music video clips.  Students have access to a wide variety of musical instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, synthesizers, cajon, Djembe, harmoniums, sitar, tanpura, tabla, a complete drum set.

Dance Room – Moves & Mudras

Students at MRIS 21 C learn their dance nuances in state-of-the-art spacious dance room – Moves & Mudras. It is artistically designed with wall-to-wall mirrors, wooden flooring and professional home theatre with woofers enabling the students the freedom of movement, right perception of self-image while swaying through various moves and mudras of any dance form. Exposure to different dance forms helps each student in unleashing their innate artist.

Art & Craft Room –Picasso’s Arena

The aesthetically designed space encourages imagination, experiments with colour combinations and innovation.

Visual Arts render a platform to respond and create distinctive forms of expressions based on one’s imagination and creativity. Students at MRIS 21C work in collaboration with each other to discover and make progressive steps in divergent and creative thinking skills.

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