Techno Planet Lab at MRIS-21C, Faridabad is orienting the students to abreast them with the latest tools and techniques in Electrical and Mechanical Skills, Games.

The lab is a collaborative space for students and educators, provided with all the digital and physical resources to bring subjects to life and make learning fun. The core concept behind the program is to generate 21st-century skills that will encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and realize their potential to shape their own future. Each student is working on a project during which they explore science and Mathematics concepts, and also develop an engineering approach towards things.

The projects ranged from rocket science, aero modeling, mechanics, electronics, robotics, carpentry, machining, arts to coding etc. As a part of various projects, in this session, students built a greenhouse using Straws, connectors, LEDs, motor, switch and templates of plants.
To provide ventilation and light inside the greenhouse, they made the circuit by connecting motor, fan, LED and switch with the battery.
After this session, students successfully understood about the materials required to make a greenhouse and what climatic conditions are essential for the plants to grow inside it.