Joie –de- Vivre…a spectrum of hope celebrated

Manav Rachna International School (MRIS) - Sector 21C, organized joie-de-vivre….a spectrum of hope, a musical Soiree in the school campus. Joie de Vivre is a celebration of the journey of students from Grade I & II. The event was graced by Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, Director- Manav Rachna International Schools; senior residents of Sector -21C, pocket- Mr. S.K. Jain and [...]

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Railway Station Cleaning Drive

Under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla foundation, the school is working towards the initiative taken by the foundation to fulfill the objective of Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, and Cleanliness. To extend the efforts to continue with the grand vision of ‘Swachh Bharat Swastha Bharat’, the house keeping staff of the school had gone to clean Faridabad Railway Station on February [...]

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Students have made LED LANTERNS in their Unit-3 (ENERGY TRANSFORMATION- ELECTRICITY). In this unit students have learnt that what is energy, types of energy, what are renewable and non renewable resources of energy, what is circuit, how many types of circuits are there, what is the use of each and every electronic component in the [...]

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Young Engineers exhibited their work at PEC

TechnoPlanet Lab of MRIS-21C, Faridabad exhibited the models students designed during ‘Toy Making Challenge’, on 16thFebruary on P.E.C. day. Students had created games such as Basketball game, Wireless Magnetic suspension car, Football game, Controllable wireless army tank, Land Rover, Engineering cap using Dynamo to convert Mechanical energy to convert it in electric energy to be used [...]

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Puzzle Day for Early Years

‘It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.’ Early Years' children celebrated Puzzle Day with great enthusiasm. Their classroom learning was strengthened through this fun-filled activity. It was delightful to watch the children enjoying the activities and not even realizing that there was immense learning and assessment packed therein.

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Taekwondo Champions on Winning Spree

Adhyansh Vats of Grade-V, MRIS-21C Faridabad has made school and parents proud by winning Sub Junior U-14 boys category in 2nd Open Faridabad District Taekwondo Championship 2019, held at Mahavir Community Center Indoor Stadium, Faridabad. Meet Dhaiya won Gold medal in (over 41 Kg, Sub Junior-weight category) in 2nd STAI Princess Taekwondo Championship-2019, affiliated to Taekwondo Federation [...]

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“Joy of Music” Activity

“There is music in every child, the teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it” Music education is important because it gives students a way to connect with other people. Children are naturally very social, and it's important to encourage them to build relationships by providing them experiences to share with each other. With [...]

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Fresh Fruit Salad Activity

“He who has health, has hope, and he who has wealth, has everything.” To familiarize Grade-I students of MRIS-21C Faridabad with the concept of nutrition and its benefits, a Fresh Fruit Salad Activity was organized for them based on the ongoing lesson in English, ‘Let’s Go Cooking and Nutrition’. Through this activity, students were able [...]

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Republic Day was celebrated at the school with full enthusiasm and an inherent spirit of patriotism. Students were chanting ‘Jai Hind’ and even brought tri-coloured food in their tiffin. A Special Assembly to mark the importance of this day was conducted at School. Students were given valuable information stating the importance of this national festival [...]

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Security Training Programme

Mr. Paras Ram, Assistant Manager- Training, Securitas conducted a training for Drivers, Conductors and Housekeeping Staff of Manav Rachna International School, Sec-21C, Faridabad recently wherein they were trained on the following points: Dealing with fire emergencies Using a fire extinguisher and checking its validity Dealing with different types of fire (electricity short circuit, oil/petrol or [...]

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‘Sportek 2018’- the annual sports meet for Primary students

MRIS-21C Faridabad organized ‘Sportek 2018’- the annual sports meet for Primary students today. Ms Mary Masih, District Sports Officer, Faridabad who was the Chief Guest for the day, declared the meet open. Ms. Nisha Bhalla, ED, MRIS-21C and MRIS Charmwood encouraged the students to participate in sports for a healthy life. The track event included [...]

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Christmas Celebration

Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself. “Forgive Those Who Sin, For They Do Not Know What They Do!” With this message [...]

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Crossword Puzzle Day

“I love doing crosswords. It’s so important to keep the brain going.”  –Magnus Magnusson At Manav Rachna, children are given varied opportunities to learn, develop and strengthen their skills. In keeping with the same, the children of Kindergarten, at MRIS 21C Faridabad, participated in the Crossword Puzzle Day, which focused on learning through play. The objective [...]

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Organized Dental Check Up

MRIS-21C, Faridabad organized a dental check-up for the entire school students wherein, mobile dental van from Manav Rachna Dental College visited the school and under the in house doctor’s supervision the complete dental check up was conducted and the children were explained various aspects of dental care.

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Early Years Inter-Clan Quiz

At Manav Rachna, we believe that it is imperative to teach our children about the world that they live in and therefore, at MRIS 21C Faridabad we have regular ‘Know Your World’ sessions for the children of Early Years in order to ensure the same. The children have been learning a lot through these interactive [...]

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The Magic of Walt Disney Celebrated

There is no one who has escaped the magic that Walt Disney spun by way of his films and characters. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit, Pluto, Pete, Cinderella, Princess Aurora…the list is endless. The pioneer behind them all and the recipient of many awards, Mr. Walter Disney’s birthday is celebrated across [...]

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Dice Day

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” -George Dorsey At Manav Rachna, we believe that there is no better way for children to learn, than through play; and hence we keep their school day packed with multifarious interesting and exciting activities that promote learning through play. In keeping with the same, we at MRIS 21C Faridabad celebrated [...]

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Tiny Tots Visited Traffic Training Park

“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” – Albert Einstein To strengthen the concepts that toddlers of MRIS-21C Faridabad learnt in the classroom, an #EduTrip to #TrafficTrainingPark was organized for them under the themes ‘On the Move’. The visit was an enriching experience as the children were explained about [...]

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Knowledge Sharing at Mohna

Knowledge Sharing at Mohna by MRIS, Sec 21C, Faridabad During the visit to Mohna Govt. Girls School this week, the school focused on the use of Soil and its importance. The explanation was supported by an activity where students planted saplings in pots. Students were also briefed about the “Indian Naval Force" - the guardians [...]

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Square Dance

We, at Manav Rachna, believe that learning cannot take place in water-tight compartments and must be integrated as well as inter-linked across subjects in the curriculum. Dance is a form of movement that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication; learning Math, on the other hand, helps to build our logical as [...]

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Kindergarteners celebrate International Artists Day

International Artists Day was celebrated at the School for the Kindergarteners. The children were left free to explore and express their creativity via multifarious activities and media. In order for them to hone their artistic potentials, the school also planned a ‘Shape Art’ Competition for the children of KG. It was delightful to watch the [...]

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KGs Visited Bikanervala

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin Kindergarteners of MRIS-21C, Faridabad have embarked on a new journey through the Theme ‘Festivals, Clothing and Food’ and are learning about food for different occasions and from different regions as part of the theme. In order [...]

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Junior Pizza Makers at Dominos

We, at Manav Rachna, believe in giving our children hands-on experience to ensure lifelong learning. Nursery students have been having a great time role-playing as bakers and chefs in their centers. Now was the time to give them real-life, hands-on experience of the same. We, therefore, organized an EduTrip to Dominos for a ‘Junior Pizza [...]

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‘Experiential Learning’ Visit for Kindergarteners

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” – Albert Einstein Edutrips reinforce the concepts learnt, but also are a learning experience in themselves. Our children of KG have been learning about ‘Festivals, Clothing and Food’. Keeping the same in mind, a visit to Westside was organized for the students of KG. The purpose of [...]

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One Nation Reading Together Day

The school in association with Scholastic organized the “One Nation Reading Together Day” campaign in the school premises. The entire school took the reading pledge, penned down by renowned author Paro Anand on November 30, 2018. The students after that read the books for 20 minutes. The School was awarded certificate issued by Managing Director [...]

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Visit to Surajgarh Farms

“Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.” Picnics and outings are a way to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves and provide us with an opportunity to reverberate enthusiasm and positivity which is vital to ensure our regular routines to fall in [...]

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Shiv Mandir Cleaning Drive

Under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation; Manav Rachna International School, Sec 21C, Faridabad, regularly takes initiatives to give back to the society. To fulfill the objective of Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Cleanliness and to extend efforts to continue with the grand vision of ‘Swachh Bharat Swastha Bharat’, the house keeping staff of the school [...]

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Wishy Washy Day at Bloomz

Bloomz experienced a day full of washing, scrubbing, squeezing and cleaning dirty clothes, toys, and utensils. Through this hands-on activity, the children were able to learn the reason as to why cleaning is important and how to keep their belongings as well as household belongings clean by washing and drying them. The activity enhanced their [...]

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Gurupurab Celebrations

Gurupurab was celebrated on November 24, 2018 at the school campus. The school organized a very special assembly, wherein the significance and religious belief behind celebrating aforesaid festival was explained to children along with “Mool Mantra” ‘Shabad kirtan’ and ‘Nagar kirtan’ to make the environment serene and pious. Overall it was an enriching experience for [...]

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Children’s Day Celebration

"A child is an uncut diamond." - Austin O'Malley We, at MRIS-21C Faridabad, believe that it is our privilege to be a part of children's lives and to be able to celebrate Children's Day with them.  The look of delight on the children’s faces was priceless. In order to sensitize children with their importance, the [...]

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K.G. Theme Assembly SPECTRUM

We, at Manav Rachna, believe in giving our children ample opportunities to participate in various stage presentations in order to make them confident and uninhibited performers. With this thought in mind, a Theme Assembly was organized for the children of KG at MRIS-21C, Faridabad. The students enthralled the audience with multifarious presentations on various themes [...]

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Festival of Joy and Lights Green Diwali

We, at Manav Rachna, believe in instilling the sense of belongingness and appreciation towards Indian culture, Indian religious festivals and national festivals. Students of MRIS-21C celebrated Diwali in a unique way, wherein they enacted Ramayan through dance drama and nursery presented enchanting dance, completely coinciding with the day-to-day life, making connect and explaining them how [...]

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The Rolling Shape

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein We, at Manav Rachna, believe that learning is made easy through exploration and fun-filled activities. Based on the ongoing theme ‘Color and Shapes’ our Toddlers of the school played the game ‘The Rolling Shapes’. The activity comprised of placing objects of different shapes on a [...]

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National Unity Day celebrated

An assembly was conducted to make students understand the importance of RashtriyaEkta (NationalUnity) through a very interesting dance drama. Students explained how being tolerant towards each other is so important for the unity of the country. Students also pledged to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation. The school celebrated the birth anniversary [...]

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International Artists Day

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible.” – MaryAnn F. Kohl We at Manav Rachna believe in Pablo Picasso’s words “Every child is an artist”; and so we celebrated International Artists Day at School for our children of Early Years. The children were left [...]

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