Living up to its ideology of keeping the students motivated and abreast with the pace of the world, MRIS-Sector 14 customarily organizes guest lectures for students from time to time. As a part of the Virtual Life Skills classes, the interaction of Manav Rachna students with Dr. Deepti Jain, Associate Professor, UNESCO Regional Centre for Biotechnology, NCR, turned out to be immensely fruitful with the vast spectrum of information that the eminent guest shared with all. Embarking on the session with a warm welcome by the Director Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, the students traversed the journey of the discovery of Antibiotics by prominent scientists. The effective and visually enriching presentation armed students with various facts related to the problem of ‘Antibiotic Resistance.’ Dr. Jain expounded the causes of the same and talked about the intrigues of ‘Structural Biology’, Bacteriophage attack and the strategy to combat AMR.

While the interactive session was animated by students’ queries about antibiotics and virulent strains, the guest speaker, Dr. Jain patiently resolved their doubts with satisfactory explanations. The session was well appreciated by the students who expressed their heartfelt delight at being a part of the Virtual Session. The School Vice Principal, Dr. Shalini Bindra extended the Vote of Thanks with humble appreciation commending the thoughtful gesture of Dr. Jain for making the extra effort to sensitize the students. With every such interaction, we, as an institution, carve brilliant paths for our students to venture out with confidence and knowledge.