Students of MRIS-14, Faridabad visited National Museum

Transcending the paradigms of classroom learning, Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14, Faridabad fosters inquisitiveness and a spirit to go beyond the curriculum, develop an acumen to examine facts and delve into the realms of the subject with immeasurable zeal and fervor.

Harnessing this passion for research, the students of Grade-XII [Humanities] visited the National Museum in New Delhi to unravel the enigma of the Harappan civilization through the multifarious artifacts on display. Exploring the vignettes of the pioneering excavations made during early 20th century, the young minds treaded the ambit of one of the oldest civilizations under the able guidance of their History teacher, Ms. Rachna Joshi. Discovering the beauty of the bygone era through the seals, pottery and brilliant artwork on display, the students were left fascinated.

Walking down the Harappan gallery, the students keenly observed each of the exhibits as Ms. Joshi provided an invaluable insight into the advances made in art and metallurgy. Not only did the terracotta and the bronze figurines pique the curiosity of the enthusiastic students, it also helped them evaluate how some of the cultural practices of Harappan era have survived till date.

In a bid to showcase the multiplicity of views on religious beliefs, urban life and civic planning of the era, the students were encouraged to exploit their treasure trove of words and don the temperament of analytical historians to prepare a project based on their observations of the relics. Attaining a glimpse of the marvels of antiquity under one roof, the visit strengthened the desire of the students to probe deeper into the cultural ethos of olden times and trace the origins of mankind.

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