Students From Grade IV and V Learnt Aerodynamics

Students are always fascinated by the rockets and aircrafts and can be seen flying paper planes. The students of Grade IV and V of Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14, Faridabad were introduced to the concept of Laws of Motion in Rocket Science.

They were engaged in a workshop with a purpose of teaching them the basic differences between the rocket and an aircraft. Students were also introduced to the term “Aerodynamics” and its launching function. Various key terms like escape velocity, pressurized water and air that are being used as fuel were demonstrated. The required components of rockets like payload, a fuel chamber, nose cone and fins were explained to the students.

Students not only imbibed the skill of making bottle rockets with the help of a kit but also understood the principle of laws of motion and launching a rocket. The excitement amongst the students was ineffable with the hands-on workshop where they were given take away kits for pop rockets and stomp rockets.

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