‘Victory is in the quality of competition and not in the final score’

250+ students of Grade 3, MRIS-14 participated in three-day spectacular sports event recently. The players wore the traits of true sportsmanship, dedication, team spirit, attitude and much more on their sleeves when they came down in the ground for the football match followed by cricket match on the next day and track and field to culminate the event. The ambience with accolades for their team, the little fights, the sadness and the winning cheer made the ambience go sporty.

Track and field event on the last day included 50 mtr, 100 mtr races for both girls and boys and relay race for all the classes. The participants were filled with commendable vigour and enthusiasm, specially the girl students whether it was football or cricket or competing with their friends in the races. The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event was massive participation, perfect setup by the sports department, wonderful organization and unearthed treasures during the play. Three-days were filled with exciting victories and near misses for all the classes. The presence of Director Principal Ma’am, Mamta Wadhwa and Vice-principal ma’am, Monika Kathuria lifted the spirit of the players high. To bring the event to an exciting end, all the base in-charges participated in the race as well.  The three days matches result went as follows:

Inter Class Football Match- Winner- III B    Runner up- III D

Inter Class Cricket Tournament- Winner- III B    Runner Up – III D

Track and Field Event

50-meter boys-

I-                   Ayush Kumar (3F)

II-                Advait Biswas (3H)

III-              Akshay Chandela (3F)


50 meter girls-

I-Manya Bhatia (3E)

II- Anya Bansal (3B)

III- Aashi Bindal(3H)


100 meter boys-

I-                   Gaurang Gandhi (3C)

II-                Ranak Gandhi (3G)

III-              Armaan Wadhwa (3H)

100 meter girls-

I-                   Jahnavi Juneja (3A)

II-                Kanupriya Yadav (3G)

III-              Tanshi Narula (3B)


Relay race-   Winner III B

First Runner up- 3 H

Second Runner up- 3 F