Clad with oodles of confidence up their sleeves, the young politicos of MRIS-14 from Grades VI to XII walked into their respective committees, all geared up to shed light on the pertinent issues of the day in QUORUM 2018. Ushering into thought-provoking discussions and debates on issues such as laws on automated weapons, diminution of women and child rights, incarceration of prisoners in North Korea and more, the three-days Intra-MUN bolstered the youth to master their problem-solving, communication and leadership skills and step into the shoes of delegates of different nations of the world. Mulling over Russia’s role in the government of Syria, the clarion call for humanity unified all the deliberations as the young learners were sensitized to the role of every individual in shaping the destiny of tomorrow.

An extensive coverage of the agendas in the committees was provided by in-house newsletter, ‘Veracita’, a handiwork of the student journalists, budding photographers and cartoonists. Applauding the students for their bold and assertive presentation, the outstanding speakers from each committee received the Best Delegate Award, High Commendation and Special Mention along with certificates of participation at the end of the event. All the ideas and perspectives aimed to uphold global harmony and peace. A blazing testimony to the brimming enthusiasm and fiery spirit to surmount all odds, QUORUM 2018 was a fitting precursor to the upcoming fourth edition of MR-MUN 2018 to be held shortly.

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