Mathematics Brainiac

“Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason and desire for aesthetic perfection”

To inculcate the value of facing challenges and expressing their understanding of calculations and equations, a mathematics quiz competition – “MATHEMATICS BRAINIAC” was organized for Grade V students of MRIS-14, Faridabad.

As we know that Mathematics is all about learning numbers and concepts with fun and enjoyment, the names that were allotted to the teams were very creative such as Deadly operators, ÷ and Conquer, Dominating Denominators, Number Ninjas etc. The teams were selected from each section on the basis of a strenuous pen and paper test conducted in each class. The Teams representing each section of Grade V had to go through some mathematical rounds such as – Everyday Math, Mathematical Dumb charades, Anagrams, Rapid Fire and Just Do It (hands-on activity).

The answers that students gave evinced their equanimity in handling challenges and the 3D shapes which they created displayed their knowledge of geometry. All the teams performed well and the team that emerged as the winner was Deadly Operators (VC) – Gunnmay Marwaha, Arnav Mahajan, Aarnav Manocha and Ishika Kanda. The winners were congratulated and appreciated for their efforts.

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