“Yoga for Health- Yoga at Home” is the distinctive modus operandi suggested by the United Nations to celebrate the day this crucial year. Maintaining Social Distancing and following all the norms and measures suggested by the authorities, MRIS-14, students and their parents geared up for this event for a week. A yoga competition was announced for them for which they had been practicing yoga asanas at their homes and during their Online Sports sessions too. The participants sent in their entries through videos and photos.

The culminating session on 21st June started with a little warm-up required to attune the body and mind. The students then performed various asanas with proper breathing techniques taught by their coaches like Vriksha asana, Tada asana and Trikona asana followed by Surya Namaskar, aligning their body parts and focusing properly so as to balance themselves. The message provided by the invoking session also included the importance of yoga in attaining total health and the otherwise inaccessible nirvana.

We are extremely grateful to the management to make this event plausible and helping us realize the importance of meditation and yoga in building up our immunity and keeping us at bay from any diseases.