Graduation Ceremony Of Kindergarteners at MRIS-14

“Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.”

MRIS-14 organized a Graduation Day Ceremony for the kindergarteners on 17th March, 2018. Executive Director MRIS-14, Ms Deepika Bhalla and Chief Guest- Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, Director, Manav Rachna International Schools graced the special occasion with their esteemed presence. Our upcoming orators of Kindergarten extended warm welcome to the entire gathering. Ms Mamta Wadhwa, Principal MRIS-14, Faridabad enlightened the audience with her invigorating words of wisdom.

This was followed by melodious welcome song sung by our little nightingales which created a soothing and a mesmerizing atmosphere. The most important event of the day the Graduation ceremony started with smart Kindergarteners adorned in their graduation robes and caps walking the stage. Their proud and smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience. The Chief Guest and the Principal felicitated the students with scrolls of merit on the dais.

The green warriors of MRIS-14 through a skit, acquainted the audience with the devastating action of the mankind towards gradually destroying their mother Earth and enlightened them with the pledge to save the planet from the dark future.

The chief guests emphasized on the role of parents and teachers in creating a happy environment for the children which can do wonders in their lives and encourage them so that they evolve as successful and happy citizens in future.

The words filled with mixed emotions and motivation for the children shared by the facilitators of KG left the entire gathering overwhelmed. The expression by the lovely teachers reflected their immense love and care for their students with whom they share an everlasting bond. The formal programme concluded with a vibrant dance performance by our little alumnae who left everybody spellbound and coaxed the audience to sway to the lively beats.

We wish that these tiny graduates stay blessed and they continue the education in the main stream of their school with same vigour.

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