Gender Sensitization Workshop for MRIS Teachers

“A gender-equal society would be the one where the word “gender” doesn’t exist; where everyone can be themselves.” Gloria Steinem

A workshop on Gender Sensitivity was organised by MRIS-14 Faridabad for teachers from all MRIS branches. The guest speaker was Dr. Shilpa Gupta, Associate Director of Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing (CCWA) and a renowned parenting and emotional well-being coach. She was given a green welcome by Director Principal. The session started with the auspicious lamp lighting and taking the divine blessings of the Almighty.

The session highlighted on how gender stereotypes can be conscious or unconscious and can manifest in various ways ranging from subtle glances to obvious reactions. Gender awareness requires a lot of self-introspection to understand how one’s belief shapes the language of the mind and the words we speak, and to understand where these beliefs come from. Once the self-awareness and shift comes into conscious mind, we will smoothly see a shift in the way educators deal with gender stereotypes in educational set-up. The teachers had queries regarding dealing with adolescents in school setting which were discussed and deliberated upon at length.

Director Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa proposed the Vote of Thanks appreciating Dr. Gupta for guiding us in the journey of self-introspection of understanding one’s own unconscious gender stereotypes and ways to work on them. The session was very interactive, enlightening and engaging for all present.

2020-01-27T13:12:07+05:30January 27th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|