Coffee Morning with Parents of Grade 2 and 3

‘What we are teaches the child far more than what we say,

so we must be what we want our children to become’ – Joseph Chilton Pearce

The Coffee Morning was a way of reaching out to the parents to re-affirm the support that the school provides in this journey. The Vice-Principal Ms. Monika Kathuria in her welcome address emphasized that every child is unique and should be allowed to bloom at his or her own pace. She laid stress on identifying the child’s strengths in extra-curricular activities and helping the child build on those areas.

Parents were made comfortable with an ice-breaking activity by Mr. Sandeep Salaria, HOD Performing Arts where parents were asked to express emotions aloud and played Simon Says. Parents initially were hesitant but gradually warmed up and understood the idea behind the activity that how it is not easy for children perform spontaneously.

Ms. Vriti, School Counsellor, took it forward where parents were asked to play ‘catch the ball’ and the parent had to share their strengths and weaknesses as parents and were lauded for the courage to share. Parenting is not easy and comes with its own challenges but what makes it more difficult are the myths associated with it. So the importance of parents taking care of themselves was also discussed. Various strategies for assertive discipline and behaviour modification were deliberated upon- encouraging positive behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour. It is also very important the children be taught about frustration tolerance and the strategies to do so were discussed.

The Principal Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, shared the insights on parenting. She emphasized the importance of the bond that a parent and child shares, the quality time a parent spends with their child, the value of being non-judgemental towards them and giving unconditional love. The parents had a fruitful and useful session and look forward to having many such more sessions.

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