Children of Bloomz and Nursery disguised and enacted as community helpers

Role play stimulates the imagination of children and enhances their social development, encourages friendship through cooperation, listening and turn taking. It is indeed a vital activity for the children. As Manav Rachna International School always believes in giving the best exposure to its students for their holistic development, MRIS, Sec-14, Faridabad culminated the last theme “Bloomz and Nursery”, ‘’World Around Me” and “Let’s Pretend” respectively with a Community helper day wherein the children came dressed up in attires of different helpers and played the role of their favourite Community helper.

The tiny tots of Bloomz amused everyone by walking and posing through the red carpet with confidence. There were also different role play centers set up in the classroom like a doctor’s clinic, a post-office, a bakery shop etc. The children actively participated in these centers and even enacted roles of helpers they dressed up as. The social worker walked all around the room repeating her slogan while the little teacher, with a book and a scale, stole the show.

Budding artists of Grade Nursery also pretended to be their favourite helper and spoke about the roles they play in the society in the SHOW AND TELL ACTIVITY. It was a pleasure to witness the little ones growing confidently with flying colours. To add onto the experiential learning of the growing minds, an integrated pretend play was also organized wherein an eye catching flower shop was created in the Nursery corridor. Few kids enacted as florists and the others visited the shop and bought flowers in exchange of dummy money.

All the children enjoyed the theme based activities and simultaneously learnt about the importance of Community Helpers.

2018-03-15T16:06:49+05:30March 15th, 2018|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|