As nations navigate a pandemic of unprecedented proportions, people have retreated into their homes, staring wistfully out the window, intercepting issues from the serious to the mundane. Yet, giving credence to the belief that education is not only about providing academic excellence, but also about nurturing balanced individuals, MRIS-14 administered the role of the vanguard by initiating a virtual get together i.e a ‘Cheer Party’ for the students of Grade VI-VIII on Microsoft Teams. Amidst the pervasive cacophony of this virus, educators exhibited unmarred dynamism and persistence for seeking and adopting innovative methods to develop the camaraderie and cater to the students’ needs.

To companionate the manoeuvre which is the need of the hour, students ingeniously expressed their gratitude towards the unsung corona warriors, our frontline workers who render services without letting the changing circumstances upend their routine. Harnessing technology to bring back the social elements of our lives, young learners overwhelmingly divulged their fondest quarantine memories during the video conference and manifested their feelings through self-composed poetry, song and dance performances. The delightful endeavor was acknowledged and appreciated by Director Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa and Vice Principal, Dr. Shalini Bindra, declaring the attempt to be a resounding success.