Celebration of Diwali 2019

“The significance of Deepavali

Is the removal of darkness,

And ignorance from the mind.

And filling it with goodness. ”

Special assemblies were conducted by tiny tots of Nursery as well as students of Grade 4 & 5 to render this message loud and clear. The tiny tots presented the assembly based on the theme of Green and Clean Diwali in order to expose the harm caused to the environment due to bursting of crackers. This was shown through an informative Nukkad Natak, wherein the children shared guidelines for eco- friendly and noiseless Diwali. Thereafter, a spellbinding Ram darbaar was displayed to rejoice the return of Lord Rama from exile with his wife Sita, brother Laxmana and Lord Hanumana. The assembly was culminated with a melodious song and marvellous foot tapping performance by the kids.

On the other hand, the assembly conducted by Grade 7 commenced with invocation, ensued by the lighting of the lamp. However, the highlight of the assembly was the depiction of the modern day Ravana, an epitome of the social evils of today including gender inequality, tech addiction etcetera and the musical enactment of Ramayana, which left the audience spellbound, with a desire to introspect deep within themselves. The central idea behind the enactment was to reinforce the fading morality and ethics to help the students dive deep into the realm of awakened self-consciousness which would help them fight the social evils. The assembly came to a close with the insightful speeches rendered by respected Director Principal, succeeded by the National Anthem. Added to that, Diwali stalls have been set up by the school and NGO Prabhat to sell Diwali goodies such as diyas and gifts to add to the spirit of Diwali.

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