Capacity Building Workshop for Hindi teachers

Embracing the dynamism of the times, the role of an educator has undergone a massive overhaul. From ‘a sage on the stage’, an educator now wears multiple hats, fulfilling her role as a facilitator, mentor and guide, piquing the curiosity of the learners and propelling them to look beyond the curriculum with equal ease. In a bid to strengthen this edifice of the teaching-learning environment, a Capacity Building Workshop for Hindi teachers was organized by CBSE in the premises of Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14, Faridabad. The two-day educational programme witnessed an overwhelming participation of 39 teachers from 24 schools across central Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal and Noida.

The event commenced with a Green Welcome accorded to the esteemed resource person and CBSE Master Trainer, Dr. Shiksha Kaushik by Dr. Shalini Bindra, Vice Principal, MRIS-14. Kindling interest of the students in the study of the national language through the implementation of varied innovative teaching techniques was the primary objective of the interactive workshop.

Upholding cultural uniformity and a better insight into one’s traditional ethos, the goals of language acquisition as envisaged in the National Curriculum Framework (2005) were deftly underscored by Dr. Kaushik on Day 1. The stimulating session shed light on how language fosters harmony, democracy and oneness of spirit, acting as a constellation of skills, thought encoders and markers of identity.

Sharing their experiences, the teachers recounted the triumphs and hiccups faced in everyday classroom while teaching specific topics and the alternative techniques adopted to promote the holistic development of the learners.

In a vibrant display of the verve and undiminishing passion for the subject, Day 2 witnessed a plethora of group activities. From drafting interesting advertisements and posters within a stipulated time-period to conducting mock classes on a few lessons, the unwavering enthusiasm of the educators to hone their skill-sets and learn through collaboration was evident. Drawing the curtains on the enriching and educative session, the participants extended their gratitude to Dr. Kaushik for her invaluable insight into teaching Hindi at the Secondary level and were encouraged to pursue their vocation with renewed zeal and fervor.

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