Students proved their mettle at Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition 

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence." Once again Young Gymnasts of MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad proved their tenacity at Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition organized by Street Gymnastics and Sports Academy, Faridabad. Participants from Faridabad, Gurugram and Karnal districts participated in the same. The young gymnast swept the floor by winning the [...]

2019-07-15T14:06:51+05:30July 15th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Special Assembly by Grade 4 Students to Honor Malala Yousafzai

“The content of a book holds the power of education and it is with this power that we can shape our future and change lives.” – Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai, the youngest noble laureate, who became the face of girl education for her unconquerable courage was honoured by the students of Grade IV C of Manav Rachna International [...]

2019-07-15T12:48:35+05:30July 15th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Director Principal honored with the “Shiksha Shiromani Award 2019”

“Outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish”. An organization is known by the leader who marches ahead with a dynamic vision. At Manav Rachna International School, Sector – 14, one feels truly blessed to be guided by [...]

2019-07-15T12:39:16+05:30July 15th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Interaction of Shri K.J. Alphons with Manav Rachna Students

Shri K.J. Alphons, Member of Rajya Sabha and the Former Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, interacted with the students of Grade XI and XII, and teachers of Manav Rachna International Schools in the campus today. The interaction was based on ‘Making a Difference’ in the context of New India wherein the inspiring [...]

10th Edition of Computer Literacy Programme Concluded Successfully

MRIS- Sector 14, Faridabad once again opened a gateway to the people for learning and equipping them with computer skills by organising a Computer Literacy Programme for parents and grandparents. This initiative is undertaken under the aegis of Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation every year. The school proudly shares that this was the tenth phase of the programme. Under this ten-day training, [...]

2019-07-03T12:21:55+05:30July 3rd, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Training for Drivers and Conductors 

A stress management workshop was conducted for the drivers and conductors of MRIS-Sector 14 Faridabad under the guidance of Mr. Tanuj Sharma, HOD Sports. Drivers and conductors were guided to practice yoga and meditation for stress management and reviving the chakras in the body. It was a great stress buster that helped break monotonous schedule. Moreover, they [...]

2019-07-01T08:24:14+05:30July 1st, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Pioneers awarded with Eklavya and Dronacharya Awards

Fortifying the institution with unbridled passion and enthusiasm, MRIS-14 Faridabad feels proud to announce that 10 students of Grade XII- Muskan Mittal,  Aastha Gaur, Tanya Sood, Kushagra Mahajan, Chehak Sanon, Nishtha Sethi, Ruchi Goyal, Sanya Bhalla, Taru Singhal, and Naveen Kapoor, were selected to be awarded the Eklavya Award, organised by School Lalaji Solutions in collaboration with World Education Review magazine recently, to [...]

2019-06-27T08:13:08+05:30June 27th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

‘Speak Easy- A language Development Initiative’ for Support Staff

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E Luccock Success is a relative term; you just have to better than you were yesterday. With this motto, the 5th phase of the ‘Speak Easy- A language Development Initiative’ commenced at MRIS- Sector 14, Faridabad though with a difference. This one week [...]

2019-06-25T11:12:43+05:30June 25th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Prodigies shine at VEZOLUTION MUN 2019

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”. ― Herbert Spencer The young prodigies of Manav Rachna International School, Sector -14 Faridabad left their mark at Vezolution'19 held at Delhi Public School, Sector -19 Faridabad recently. Manav Rachna has always paved way for child's overall excellence and makes them open to worldwide pedestal. [...]

2019-06-06T15:02:14+05:30June 6th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Tree Plantation Drive

“The larger the island of knowledge; the longer the shoreline of wonder.” Teaching pedagogy encapsulates the myriad vistas of having the inherent knowledge of life outside the precincts of school. Keeping in mind the inevitable need to acquaint the students with the economic set up of Indian Democracy, a Plantation Drive was conducted in the [...]

2019-06-02T19:32:39+05:30June 2nd, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Students of Grade VI- VIII visited RO Treatment Water Plant in the School Premises

"We shall not defeat any of the infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe drinking water, sanitation and basic health care”. - Kofi Annan Understanding the gravity of the pressing problem of clean water and sanitation which has plagued us universally, MRIS- 14, Faridabad has geared [...]

2019-05-28T13:16:13+05:30May 18th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Stranger Danger Workshop

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Teaching children about “stranger danger” is the need of the hour. It is all about teaching students about possible dangers they may face as they go out in the world on their [...]

2019-05-18T12:13:35+05:30May 18th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Closing Ceremony of 7th NCR Inter School Badminton and TT Championship

The 7th Edition of the Manav Rachna NCR Inter School Badminton and Table Tennis Championship 2019 drew to a glorious close amidst marked achievements and a vivacious participation from over 58 schools from Delhi-NCR. The event was marked by a huge turnout of Sports enthusiasts who thronged the Manav Rachna Sports Academy, at MRIS-14 Faridabad, [...]

2019-05-16T12:38:11+05:30May 16th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Cleanliness Drive At Shiv Mandir, Sainik Colony

‘In every aspect of life, purity and holiness, cleanliness and refinement, exalt the human condition. Even in the physical realm, cleanliness will conduce to spirituality.’ Under the aegis of Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation, Manav Rachna International School, Sec 14, Faridabad repeatedly takes initiative to serve the society and strive towards humanitarian goals. With a grand vision [...]

2019-05-07T18:41:54+05:30May 7th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Rendezvous with ace shooters

MRIS-14, Faridabad unfailingly endeavours to provide a vibrant learning atmosphere to the students where they can discover their talents, hone their skills and emerge as conscientious citizens. The students were acquainted with the laurels and accolades of the ace shooters- Mr. Raunak Pandit (2006 Commonwealth Games Medalist) and Heena Sidhu (Former World record holder). These [...]

2019-05-07T11:23:26+05:30May 7th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Blood Donation Camp 2019

“Blood Donation will cost you nothing but will save lives!” Heading towards another milestone, MRIS-14 in collaboration with the Rotary club of Faridabad East– AASTHA organised Blood Donation Camp today in the school premises. The revered Director Principal of the school, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, MRIS staff, students and esteemed parents displayed full commitment and involvement [...]

2019-05-07T10:51:12+05:30May 7th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

HURRAY!!!!! IT’S Pyjama Time

Time for stories and some fun, join me now everyone! We’ll sleep until the dawn, it’s time to put our Pyjamas on!! Daily routines can establish important habits such as getting up early, brushing, bathing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime stories and sleeping on time etc. They aid in child's emotional, cognitive and social development too. [...]

2019-04-30T17:32:25+05:30April 30th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Nursery Kids learnt about Five Senses Organs

“THE 5 SENSES ARE THE MINISTERS OF OUR SOUL” Learning about the five senses is a great subject for preschoolers. Immediate environment helps children learn in many ways which include using their five senses—hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. A “Sensory Booth” was set up in the nursery corridor of MRIS-14, Faridabad for Nursery students. They [...]

2019-04-30T13:18:45+05:30April 30th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Workshop on ‘Fashion Design and Personality Grooming’

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas and with dreams.” An interesting workshop on ‘Fashion Design and Personality Grooming’ was organized in the premises of Manav Rachna International School, Sector-14, Faridabad under the guidance of Ms. Lakshmi Sharan Singh, [...]

2019-04-29T18:43:25+05:30April 29th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

ATL Community Day Celebration

The Atal Tinkering Lab at MRIS-14, Faridabad celebrated the ATL Community Day at the school premises promoting educators and learners to tinker, collaborate and showcase their skills. Various schools across Delhi-NCR were invited to be a part of this day with an aim to foster creativity in the next generation of crafters and engineers. The [...]

2019-04-25T18:31:13+05:30April 25th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Understanding various aspects of plastic waste

With this thought, students of Grade-4 and 5 of MRIS-14 Faridabad indulged themselves in an annual project of Life on Land. The main aim of Life on Land as a Sustainable Development Goal is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and reverse land degradation. The students were empathized about the irrational use of plastic and [...]

2019-04-25T13:19:53+05:30April 25th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Earth Day Special Assembly

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.  Keeping the above thought in mind, the students of Grade- 4 A and B of MRIS-14, Faridabad conducted a special assembly on Earth Day. To dedicate this day to Mother Earth, the students performed on the theme “Return to Nature” which [...]

2019-04-23T16:44:57+05:30April 23rd, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Interactive Coffee Morning Session with Grade 1 and 2 parents

MRIS-14, Faridabad successfully conducted the Coffee Morning Session with Grade I and II parents recently. Purpose of the session was to brief the parents about the new practices and pedagogies adopted by the school and on how the teaching learning process will take place. Director Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa briefed parents about the structured curriculum [...]

2019-04-22T13:24:03+05:30April 22nd, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Orientation Workshop on New Age Careers

“A wise person will make more opportunities than he finds”-Francis Bacon A workshop on New Age Careers was organised by the school recently. The resource person Ms. Alex Snee emphasized on the role of making informed career decisions in shaping the growth and development of students. In today’s time of multiple options, knowing about choices available helps children in effective decision [...]

2019-04-21T18:51:28+05:30April 21st, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Hands-on activities

“In play, children love to learn”… With the beginning of the new session at MRIS-14, Faridabad, students were seen engrossed in various kinds of Multiple Intelligence based hands-on activities which help the children develop a global perspective and apply the skills in their daily life. The upgraded curriculum and pedagogies gave opportunities to the students [...]

2019-04-09T23:02:30+05:30April 9th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Coffee Morning for Early Years

MRIS-14, Faridabad welcomed its new session parents to a tete-a-tete session over a warm cuppa as it conducted its first Coffee Morning Session for Early Years. The interactive day reinforced among parents, the ‘Manav Rachna’ pedagogy and philosophy. The session reiterated the importance of holistic development of children along with enhancing their academic caliber. Issues [...]

2019-04-09T13:10:43+05:30April 9th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Workshop on Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention

An enlightening session on ‘Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention’ was organised in the premises of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 14, by the Faculty of Education, Manav Rachna University (MRU) under the guidance of Dr. Babita Parashar, Dean – Faculty of Education, MRU in collaboration with the National Institute of Social Defence. The session was [...]

2019-04-01T13:27:07+05:30April 1st, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

KG Graduation Day

Graduation Day for the students is more than a ceremony. The Graduation Day organised in MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad was full of pride and joy for not only the kindergarteners but also for the teachers and their parents as they graduated from KG to Grade 1. The event was graced by Executive Director Ms. Deepika Bhalla; Director Principal Ms. Mamta Wadhwa and Vice [...]

2019-03-19T12:45:52+05:30March 19th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|


The little ones of MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad are well acquainted with the life cycle of a butterfly and also with the word fluttering. Grade III students learnt the actual purpose of fluttering and  its motion through ‘BOBBING BUTTERFLY’ activity at Skill Lab specially designed for the students to give them hands-on training on various topics. During this session, students explored the movement [...]

2019-03-14T17:19:32+05:30March 14th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Toss the Ring Activity by Grade IV students

Students always have inquisitive minds and MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad gives them ample opportunities to test and explore. Keeping this in mind, Grade IV students were involved in “Toss the Ring” activity in Skill Lab. In this session, students learnt about the concept of open and closed circuits. They designed and built a ring toss game, specifically focusing on their [...]

2019-03-12T21:58:39+05:30March 12th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Manav Rachna recognizing and reliving the journey from ordinary to extraordinary

The celebration of strength, the celebration of divinity, the celebration of being woman!! Under the aegis of Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation, Manav Rachna ricocheted with the celebration of International Women’s Day in the campus. The event started with the lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries present on the occasion, Ms. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron, [...]

Theme Presentation by Grade 1 on ‘One World One Family’

“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can definitely prepare our children for the future. “ Keeping this in mind, we at MRIS Sector-14, Faridabad definitely believe that holistic education can make our students the achievers of tomorrow.  Grade 1 students amazed the parents with their learning journey in the Theme Presentation [...]

2019-03-07T18:21:56+05:30March 5th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Parents’ Orientation for KG and Nursery

To make parents an active participant in their child's first step in the school, MRIS Sector-14, Faridabad organized a ‘Parent Orientation Programme' for the new entrants. The little learners of Nursery and Kindergarten welcomed the parents and shared their journey in the school. Director Principal, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa enlightened them with precious 'happy parenting' tips. Vice [...]

2019-03-06T16:41:32+05:30February 26th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Grade-IV students made LED Lanterns @MRIS-14, Faridabad

Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Keeping this in mind, Grade 4 students of MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad were given an opportunity to make prototype of LED lantern, the appliances that light up with electricity by designing a simple [...]

2019-02-25T17:36:38+05:30February 25th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

‘Jovial Ranch’- A Farm Event

The grounds of MRIS-14, Faridabad echoed as the birds chirped, cow mooed, goats bleated and horse neighed at ‘Jovial Ranch’- a farm event organized to give first-hand experience to the little ones of Bloomz and  Toddlers, as it is believed that they learn more by observing. The kids were awestruck as they saw various farm animals in their school ground. It looked [...]

2019-02-21T13:19:35+05:30February 21st, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Mobile Bot developed by students

Robotics is the new buzz word of today’s era.  With its integration with science, technology, electric and control engineering and maths (STEM), a Mobile Bot, controlled by Bluetooth application, was brought to life by the budding engineers of Grade VI of MRIS, Sector 14, Faridabad. The purpose of this invention was to provide simpler robot hardware architecture but with powerful [...]

2019-02-17T16:55:36+05:30February 17th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Inter Clan Dance Competition

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." The stage became alive when the dance troupes of each clan mesmerized the audience with their theme dance performance during Inter Clan Dance Competition organized by MRIS-14, Faridabad.  The performances were [...]

2019-02-15T10:34:19+05:30February 15th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|

Evoking Goddess Saraswati on Basant Panchami

Manav Rachna International School, Sector-14, Faridabad celebrated Basant Panchami, an occasion that marks the advent of spring season. The holy idol of Goddess Saraswati was installed in the Cultural Arena. By kindling the lamp of knowledge and wisdom, Maa Saraswati was evoked. With the euphonious Saraswati Vandana followed with a beautiful song; the entire campus [...]

2019-02-13T13:10:31+05:30February 13th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|