Ms. Manu Vijayan


Ms. Manu Vijayan

Headmistress Primary School

Grades II-V

Qualification: B.Com, Bachelor of Education, MA-Education, MBA in Human Resource Development, CTET Certified, Aptech certified eACCP

Experience: 9 years in education sector and 6 years in corporate sector (Training and Development)

Brad Henry rightly said that, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.

‘A lot of us have had the good fortune of having at least one good teacher who shaped our thoughts. The lessons of a good teacher remain engraved in our hearts and minds. I believe that a good teacher isn’t someone who teaches amazingly, but someone who inspires the students to give their best in order to discover what they already know. In order to be a successful teacher, one has to be a learner first. I am glad to be a lifelong learner’, says Ms. Manu Vijayan.

She has had the fortune of crossing paths with many exceptional and wonderful teachers during her school and professional life. The imprints her gurus left on her mind made her choose education as a profession. She feels privileged to be a part of Manav Rachna family which has always been a pioneer and an incubation centre for all the latest and innovative teaching- learning practices that we can think of. She has been associated with MRIS Charmwood since 2011.

Fulfilling the role of a guide and mentor to a large number of children is truly overwhelming.  There cannot be anything else that can make an educator more content other than knowing that her children love her and feel that she is their problem solver and one of their go to persons when they are away from their parents.

Being closely associated with the young learners of primary segment, we ensure that we take care of the holistic development of our children. We expose them to the curricula that has a balance of activities catering to HEAD (main frame subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics and CREST), HEART (various forms of extra-curricular activities like PA, VA, Sports and Well-being) and HAND (Makershala, SDGs based Annual Projects etc)