Ms. Gunjan Sharma


Ms. Gunjan Sharma

Headmistress- Foundation Stage (Toddlers- Grade I)

MRIS, Charmwood

Ms. Gunjan Sharma is the Headmistress of the Foundation Stage (Toddlers-Grade I) at MRIS Charmwood. She is a respected educationist with over 15 years of rich teaching, training and administrative experience in the educational field with various reputed institutions. She has also been a part of the Central Academic Team with the Career Launcher Group of Schools.

A gold medallist in Master’s Degree in Child Development (with core subjects Early Childhood Care and Education and Psychology), Ms Sharma has also completed her B.Ed.

She published her research on “Working and Non-working mothers’ self perception of child rearing practices and parental perfectionism”. She has been awarded many international and national awards in the field of art, craft, dance and drama. Ms Gunjan Sharma also has hands-on experience in curriculum development and teachers’ training programmes.

Her life is built on five core values “ROOHI”: Risk Taking, Openness, Ownership, Honesty and Innovation.

A reflective leader and a learner, Ms Sharma is a passionate storyteller. For her, the classroom is her stage. With her stories, she helps mind-body-soul integration in children as well as adults, creating engaging and safe learning environments.

For her, the Foundation Stage is “Ananda: The joy of learning”. She strongly believes in progressive and experiential learning processes. Ms Sharma has been implementing innovative mentoring tools inside the classroom and enjoys interacting with children and learning with them.

She values the ideas of rigour and grit. She cares deeply for each of her students, parents and team members, and constantly goes out of her way to ensure their well-being. She comes with a positive energy and lightens up a place with love and humour. Ms Sharma connects classroom teaching with the real world, which leads to greater understanding. She adds value to the system by mentoring teachers to focus on imparting active quality education.