‘Shapes Treasure Hunt’ by Toddlers: Early Years

“Experiential learning through play is an effective vehicle for fostering Numeracy concepts and developing a positive attitude towards it.”

Play is the natural way in which children learn. It is the process through which they explore, investigate, recreate and understand the world around them. Keeping this in mind, an investigative activity “Treasure hunt of shapes” was organized for Toddlers at MRIS Charmwood.

As a part of this, the little ones collected all objects, from their classroom, that were circular and triangular in shape. They were then encouraged to sort these shapes. The teacher gave them space to explore, investigate, analyse and express themselves: “We completed the sorting. One shape can roll, the other cannot.” The teacher was amazed to hear this group presentation by the young stars of MRIS Charmwood.

2019-08-21T11:23:09+05:30August 6th, 2019|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Charmwood|