On Day 2 of Commercium III, students were engaged in varied activities to promote business interests among them. Grades I and II students participated in money printing activity. They crafted beautiful toys with colorful clay and trade the toys in exchange for notes colored by them. The activity gave them an insight into the buying and selling process in the market. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

For Grades III and IV students, Logo Quiz was conducted to test their knowledge regarding the logos of different companies and their names. A workshop was also conducted by the Commerce students on the Autobiography of a cheque. This helped the students to get a general view of a cheque.

Grades IX and X students participated in a presentation competition on the topics – Changing the Business Environment, Brilliant Marketing Strategies, and Famous Business Lawsuits. The day ended with Dime and Dollar activity for Grades XI and XII- Estate Simulation Game.

The students were provided with a particular amount of virtual cash in the beginning of the game, after which some news and rumours were floated. The student then predicted the impact of news and rumors on the value of each stock and made their decisions on buying and selling. This nail-biting experience made them aware of how trading happens in the stock market. It was an enriching experience for the students.