Assembly on integrity by Grade-X, Euclid

Integrity is one of the most important virtues of a human being. It is an amalgamation of qualities like honesty, self-control, discipline, morality, etc.  The students of Grade-X (Euclid) presented an assembly on integrity and its importance in school life recently. Students highlighted the importance of integrity in various challenging situations in a student’s life, through a skit. Through their performance, they highlighted the significance of courage over comfort, right over what is fun, fast and easy. They also motivated the students to stand by their words. The class choir also sang a motivating song about the strength of character.

Ms. Arpita Chakraborty, Principal of the school appreciated the students for presenting such a wonderful assembly and sharing their knowledge about the human virtues.

2018-12-08T17:41:46+00:00July 12th, 2018|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Charmwood|