We forget! But let’s not..
We celebrate days dedicated to our Earth
And our environment
Do recycling activities, raise slogans, plant seeds & click pics…
And then we forget!
We institute a mission …to clean India
‘Swatch Bharat’ we call
We outlaw plastic, kick off odd even,
Impede stubble, car pool we stress,
And then we forget!
Global warming, the students cram
Green marketing, suggest the entrepreneurs
Negative externalities, term the Economists
Climate change is the dialogue world over
And then we forget!
Then comes the catastrophe
The world has never savored
Putting the sphere to a standstill
The pandemic….hope to see in the new light
Clearer skies, cleaner rivers
Humans in & animals liberated
Birds twitter on greener trees, Ozone heals
Will it shorten our learning curve?
Even the Earth trembling to believe
We forget? But let’s not…
Written By:- Ms. Palvi Sachdeva, PGT- Economics, MRIS-14 Faridabad.