With schools closed and lockdown across the nation, parents all around the world are required to become instant homeschoolers and adapt to the new technology to impart education virtually and teach kids at home. We, as teachers understand the gravity of the situation and we know that it is a delicate balancing act with parents juggling their own workloads with the educational needs of their kids. However, I believe that crisis is always paired with opportunities. It’s time to use a digital platform judiciously to ensure that the learning does not stop.
In such unprecedented circumstances, we need to understand that one is required to push to the threshold of one’s potential so as to achieve the unachievable and smoothly sail through the turbulent times.
If you are one of the million parents who have gracefully adopted homeschooling your kids, I have a few basic tips to help you in teaching your kids at home:

Believe me! It’s a Great Opportunity for Pursuing Hobbies

This is a great time for kids to pursue interests they haven’t had time to focus on in the past during regular working days. Activities such as cooking, drawing, dancing, music, singing etc. may be learnt and pursued during this time. The best part is that it will keep them occupied and simultaneously, you will be able to discover the hidden talent in your child as well.

Discipline and Specific Routine for Studies

Designate areas for studying at a quiet place. The kids should be made to study at home at specific places in order to avoid all the distractions and improve concentration. It is always advisable to study on a table rather than on bed or couch because you want your children to be comfortable but not too comfortable that they fall asleep.

Emphasize Independent Learning

During such difficult times, when you are juggling with a constant stream of conference calls, office work, household chores and teaching kids at home. It would be helpful to let your kids learn on their own, find their own ways, learn a new lesson themselves, look up for words in dictionaries, places in Atlas etc. By the end of this, you will find them more independent and responsible.

A Book is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Kid

Try and use this time to inculcate the habit of reading in your kid. If you did nothing else but facilitate a love of reading and expose your kids to classic literature and good reading material, you will have achieved a large part of many years’ worth of pedagogical goals.

Your kids are Actors Imitating You

Kids tend to copy their parents. I know your world just got flipped upside down, but our children are looking to us for reassurance that they are safe. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, and in a bad mood, your children will be too. If you make the effort to be calm, happy, and peaceful, your home will be as well.

Be Easy on kids!

Kids learn all the time and part of what they’re learning now is how to handle a difficult situation. Remember you are always teaching. The young ones in particular learn from what you do and what you don’t do every single day. So if you think, “I’m not a teacher and I can’t do this,” remember you were always a teacher and had been doing this every day. It is not always about the lessons and assignments. Everyone is figuring this out; that’s education, too. So give yourself and your kids a break and remember ‘This shall pass too’.

Happy Teaching at Home!

Written By :- Ms. Himani Chhabra, PRT English, MRIS, Noida