A teacher’s life is a treasure to live

Aching heels, choked throat,
Markers around, we are always on our toes…
Red and blue are our favourite hues.

Innumerable minutes with our precious ones,
They gobble up lunch and are done with a munch.

Laptops and bottles we carry with us,
We welcome substitution slots without a fuss!

Seven to two we stick like glue,
to our duties which come every day as new,

Session plans and their editing,
Is now a part of our living…

Sitting in Synergy to freshen up for a while,
Corrections along, holding a notebooks’ pile!

We are living machines,
Who never sit still…

In our journey, we grow along,
where we’re expected to never be wrong,

A teacher’s life is a treasure to live,
Where we yearn for our knowledge to give!

Written by:- Ms Ankita Sinha is a Primary wing teacher at MRIS Charmwood.

2019-09-03T15:50:18+05:30September 3rd, 2019|Blog|