2020 has been a year full of many unpleasant experiences but it has also been a year of learning, patience, and new inventions. We all developed a different insight while dealing with varied experiences during this COVID-19.

During this pandemic when everyone is talking, writing or posting about the importance of keeping oneself safe and how this pandemic has opened the doors for new ways of learning, teaching and celebrating, there’s something that’s missing. I would like to point out that no one is talking about one of the main aspects of life which this pandemic has brought along with it- fear and loss of hope. The environment is full of anxiety and despair because of an unknown hidden fear which is more than horrible.

We hear about the rise of COVID -19 cases every day in the news. This deadly virus has infected many people from each and every corner of our country. Is it really the fault of the people who are going out of their homes, risking their lives to fulfil the basic needs of their families? Who can be held responsible for the spread of this deadly virus? Is it the fault of the essential workers whom we call Corona warriors, who are actually risking their lives for us and our families? What if they end up contracting the virus in the process?

We are seeing a lot of videos and messages from people suffered from fear mongering and calling out the names of COVID patients, alleging them as curse and treating them like pariahs. Such masses are worried only about their own safety, which is understandable. However, better if they recognize that it is absolutely unfair to ostracize someone just because unfortunately they have to bear a great suffering and contracted a virus.

I still remember that in my childhood days, whenever I would have lost hope or felt dejected and low, my mother used to say, “Don’t worry, you are going to be fine,” and that one sentence did magic for me. I felt energized and got the strength to overcome any challenge. I just want to know why we are still not able to extend the same basic courtesy to our neighbours and fellows.

Let’s all clap, cheer, smile and pass on our positive energy, our hope to the people who are fighting against this deadly virus and are struggling all alone amidst this humble society. Let’s all be human first and make year 2020 a year of togetherness, hope and positivity. Let us all do this small act of kindness and bring happiness and strength in someone’s life. So, next time if you come across such situation, don’t forget to say, “You will be ok”, standing aloof on your door or balcony and wait for the magic to happen for your loved ones.

Let’s all be kind enough as words of hope and happiness are here to bind.

Written By:-  Ms Monika Yadav, Class Teacher- Grade 1, MRIS, Sec- 51 Gurugram