Small hands, big feat!

Aditya Singh of Grade VIII comes across a shy teenager who seems to enjoy his own company, mechanics and books the most. You will often come across him lost in books or getting excited talking about technology.  He pleasantly surprised all when he created Multi Media Solid State Storage Device Drive (MMSSSDD) which is a USB hub with 4 types of connectors- USB C, USB 301, Lightning Port and Micro USB. The device is primarily used for data transfer and storage based on flash storage EMMC 500. This unique device was designed by 13 year old Aditya Singh for a competition open for students pan India in the National Entrepreneurship Bug. Aditya made it to the top 10 in the list.

The MMSSSDD’s maximum speed is 500 mb/s and has been designed using a 3D printer and Solid works software. The device can also be used for charging through power banks or other devices. It is rugged and strong unlike other OTG adapters.

Aditya was inspired to come up with this product as Youtubers like Lu and Marques wanted a USB device for storage, transfer and charging to avoid using messy cables and to compensate the change from USB A to USB C in the new macs.

Though the device is in its prototype state, Aditya wants to license it to SanDisk.


Karanveer Singh Kalsi & Saksham Sehgal

(Grade IX) 


A rising entrepreneur, Ansh Aggarwal, Grade VIII, of MRIS-46, Gurugram possessed a desire to create an app and has done it successfully. He has designed an app named ‘Stray, Our Friends’ to aid stray and injured animals. He came up with this idea as he teamed up with likeminded friends who desired to participate in FLL on the theme ‘ Animal Allies’.

To begin with, Ansh had a neutral approach towards animals. However his affection and fondness for them grew once he developed the app. During the making of the app, Ansh and his teammates were in close touch with PFA and understood the working of the organization as well. PFA seeing their effort for this cause agreed to join hands with them and the PFA helpline number is also linked to the app. Ansh was particularly instrumental in coding and programming the app which is available on the Play store.

Ansh knew that the best way to advertise the app was through the social media and so took on to YouTube and Twitter for this noble cause. He was appreciated and received good reviews for the same.

Ansh has himself used the app to save a few strays.

MRIS hopes that these little success stories would inspire others to work towards fulfilling their dreams.


Jiya Agrawal & Dhun Paliwal

Grade VIII

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