We all are going through an unprecedented global pandemic bringing uncertainty, despair and doubt in our lives. Each one of us, our families, our community, our country and the world around is struggling to get used to this ‘new normal’. Many of you must be feeling stressed out thinking about how it might affect your academics and future.
We at school, want to express our solidarity with each one of you and I wish to assure you my dear students that, we are in this journey, together. We have, without wasting any precious time, as a school, risen to the occasion, and taken up this challenge by taking our schooling and your education to the virtual platform completely. This is a new platform for each one of us with its own set of challenges and limitations. But I wish to congratulate each one of you for adapting to this change so well.
The Virtual Platform has in a big way, passed on the onus of learning to you. Each and every teacher of yours is trying his/her level best to provide you with the best of learning resources and aids, but it is you who has to adapt to them and use them effectively for the purpose of your personal growth and benefit.

In this journey of Self Learning, May I try and give you some useful tips which will not only help you to learn better but also utilise your time more effectively and satisfactorily.

1) Start your day early– One of the best habits successful people have is that they start their day early. Please make your bed, every single day as you get up. Do some mild exercises, freshen up and get ready for having a fulfilling day.

2) Goal Setting- Before embarking on any journey, know what is it you want to achieve. Make small realistic goals and do not be too harsh on yourself when you fail. Do not take success to your head and Failure to your heart.

3) Create a happy, vibrant and personalised work/study place– Take a day to decorate it, have your calendar, timetable, some motivational thoughts and anything that keeps you in high spirits around you. Have good lighting so that you do not strain your eyes. Have a good study chair. Never sit/lie on the bed and study.

4) Make a realistic timetable covering all your subjects- Try and practice at least 3 subjects on a daily basis. Paste the timetable right in front of you so that you are aware whether you are on track or not. Practice writing more and more.

5) Take and Make Notes- Note taking is an art and an absolute must for students who want to stay focussed on their learning journey. Take notes when the class is going on and when you are doing self study. I always ask my students to read out aloud and study, as if you were explaining something to yourself. You must be able to hear yourself while studying. Use highlighters and markers and read your NCERT textbooks thoroughly.

6) Take small breaks in between your study time- Do not study at a stretch and do get up every 35 to 40 minutes. Take a walk, go out and do deep breathing, water the plants, eat healthy nutritious food in the breaks. Do not eat heavy food before and during study as that will make you feel sleepy. Don’t play video games or watch TV in these short breaks. That will tire your mind.

7) Monitor your progress and self-evaluate weekly- If you are happy with your progress, everything will fall in place eventually. And remember, Do not let what you cannot do or learn or understand interfere with what you can. Push your limits and keep telling yourself that “You can do it!”

8) Identify and note down your weaknesses and strengths- Take help if you cannot do that on your own from your teachers and parents. Work on your weaknesses all throughout the year and work on your strengths during exams. Reach out to your peers and teachers for extra help and support in subjects you are struggling with.

9) Do not cheat yourself- These are online classes, so no one can keep a constant check on you, except you yourself. You will eventually only cheat your future success and happiness! Self-Evaluate critically and lower your resistance to feedback, embrace your weaknesses, work on your strengths and give your studies all you have, your 100%.

10) Use your time wisely- Do not go by the clock; go by the amount you have to cover up. Either the Clock beats you or you beat the clock. Decide the amount you wish to cover in a day, and stick to it, no matter what. Do not procrastinate!

11)Identify your time wasters- It can be social media, video games, addiction to TV or just plain laziness. Stay away from Social media, while studying; switch off your cell phone necessarily. Pick it up only during your break time.

Surround yourself with motivational thoughts, read inspirational books and biographies, stay focussed and inspired!

And my dear children, Send a prayer of gratitude to the Universe every night before sleeping, thank your parents and teachers often, stay kind to yourself and stay committed to your future.
Invest in yourself today by inculcating good study habits; they will hold you in good stead in the future. Do spare some time in learning a new skill, helping in the household chores and sitting with your family.

You have been wonderful in these uncertain times, Proud of each one of you! Stay focussed and vibrant!
Loads of Love & Sunshine☺

Written By :- Ms. Vandana Mahajan Headmistress Senior School MRIS-46, Gurugram