It’s rightly said, “Our students are much more than what they do- they are the living dualities of leadership for today and tomorrow”.
The attributes that a student possesses are of great impact to ascertain his/her path. A good student will always be illustrious of his/her attitude, diligence, discipline, mindfulness and self-confidence. Read about the qualities and how these qualities help you to be a good student.

Five Qualities of a good Student

Positive Attitude:- The first and foremost quality to become a good student is a positive attitude. It is one of the best things which pumps happiness into our lives. Having a positive attitude not just enables us to achieve our goal efficiently and effectively but also escalate chances of better academic performance.

Optimism:- With this optimism comes another quality of a good student, i.e. Diligence. As is a positive attitude, diligence is another virtue. Maintaining a planner, starting early, overcoming distractions and constant hard work are the traits of a successful student that allow a student to overcome academic challenges.

Being Disciplined :- Being disciplined is the next habit of a good student which lays a foundation for a successful future ahead. Students are future assets of our nation. Discipline lays a good foundation of being individualistic, punctual, focused, and motivated in life. Students should always acknowledge the well-known saying, ‘Life without discipline is just like a ship without radar’.

Mindfulness or Awareness:- Mindfulness or awareness of surroundings is the next quality that one should adopt to become a good student. Instead of blindly learning what is delivered by the teacher, a student should always try to be mindful of the present and link up the learning with the same. We should learn to care about what is happening around us politically, academically and socially. This makes us aware and helps to improve cognitive function of our brains.

Indispensable:- Last but not the least, quality of self-confidence is indispensable in a students’ life. Confidence is a prerequisite skill which cannot be ignored. The relationship between a student’s confidence and academic results is intertwined. The amount of self-confidence a student possesses will affect his or her educational goals.

To sum up, nothing can stop an ideal student to achieve success in life. Its sheer determination and perseverance to move on with these qualities that’s required, to lead a happy student life!

Written By:- Ms. Tanya Nijhawan, Primary Wing Teacher, MRIS, Charmwood