This has been one of the most exciting summers ever. I traveled to North-East and also made a very unique new friend at home, a cat. I first saw her while I was playing with my friends. She is a white cat with grey spots. When I called her, to my surprise she started walking towards me.

Initially, I was afraid because cats are not usually friendly and prefer staying away from humans. I was scared that she might bite or scratch me but when she started coming closer, my mother told me that the cat roaming around looked friendly. When I took a closer look at her, she wasn’t a full-grown cat. She was just a kitten. She used to stay in an old, abandoned house where dogs couldn’t reach her. I started feeding her daily.

When I told my father about her, he said we could bring her home. I was quite excited. Without wasting any time, I picked her up and took her home. I had to hide her from my grandma because she hates pets. Once she heard her meowing, so my brother and I had to pretend that it was us meowing and not the cat. From that day onwards, she would always climb in our house through the balcony. She would start meowing at the door to let us know that she was hungry and now, she hangs out with us all day long.

We named our cat ‘Mow’ and she has been an amazing addition to our family. She is funny, adventurous and very playful. She becomes hyperactive after every meal. She loves chasing her tail and pounce on our feet as if they are mice. She wrestles with soft toys, climbs on our curtains and snuggles with us whenever she is feeling cold. She finds our cupboards super cozy and always sneaks in whenever she gets a chance.

She is very independent. She goes out of our house at night and comes back in the morning. Looks like there’s a cat party going on every night and she is a party animal for sure. She is quite adorable and we all love her.

Written By:-  Anoushka Devgan – Grade VII, MRIS 21-c Faridabad