MRMUN- Young Leaders Discussing Global Issues

Students say MRMUN is FUN and that’s true … They learn something useful along the way!

Manav Rachna Model United Nations (MRMUN) is a platform for school students to discuss about the major global concerns. This powerful educational tool- MUN is a model of United Nations and brings students representing different countries to a platform where they can learn about diplomacy, international relations, policies of other countries, and the United Nations. Serving as a stimulated environment for the students, MR-MUN whole heartedly welcomes students with different, open and rational mindsets.

Titled as ‘Delegates’, students are bolstered to master their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills besides delving into extensive brainstorming as the world leaders discussing world’s most important issues. Students are allotted different countries and communities along with the agendas on which they ‘discuss’, propose solutions to the issues and debate over the share of resources. Inculcating core values in the students, MRMUN helps in improving speaking skills, teamwork, debating abilities, and general knowledge of the students. It plays a vital role in enhancing the thought process of the students on issues concerning the world and gives them an opportunity to understand the mindsets of different people all across the globe.

Model UN activates the imaginative and creative skills of the students complementing the skills students gain in the classroom. Besides building confidence and leadership skills among students, it also helps students accept diversity in a safe and well-structured environment. Add-on to these skills is gaining business skills that students learn while running a conference at MRMUN.

Providing a platform to students to improve their critical thinking, group discussion, communication, research, public speaking and policy analysis skills, MRMUN focuses on developing core values of integrity, respect for diversity and professionalism among students. MRMUN aims at creating ‘leaders of tomorrow’ through various group activities, workshops, debates and MUN Conferences.

With around 400 delegates in each of the first three editions, the fourth edition of MR-MUN is expected to be even grander with 11 committees having different agendas. MR-MUN 2018 intends to sieve the global issues through discussions understanding the core reasons behind them and finding long-term solutions suggested by our young global leaders.

Application forms for MRMUN 2018 are available here:

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