Let’s Hug History

The word ‘History’ means investigation,
It is narrated by a historian.
History is divided into three eras,
Facts of which are written in paras.

There are two sources of history,
Some are archaeological others are literary.
Now we move on to nomadic life,
When Sun was the only source of light.

The early men belonged to the Stone Age,
It is divided in three phases.
The early men used stone tools,
Which were used to cut, scrape and chop woods.

Then suddenly a spark of light was seen,
Which turned everyone’s life evergreen.
Actually it was the discovery of fire,
Which fulfilled everyone’s desire.

Early men also made paintings,
Which were used to express their feelings.
Then early men learned to tame animals,
And no longer lived in cave shelters.

Pots, mortars and pestles were also used,
And people started to polish stone tools.
Then came the Harappan civilization,
Are you really aware of its location?

The cities here were well planned,
And maybe were made by magical hands.
An important part was the ‘HARAPPAN SEAL’
From which the identity of a person would reveal.

Lothal and Dholavira located in Gujarat,
Were Harappan civilisation’s important part.
Declination of this civilisation is still a mystery,
It was declined either by invasion or by a natural calamity.

So my dear friend,
Hug history very tightly
As studying it, is at times fun.
Start studying it for a better future,
And then finally you are done.


Written By:- Devangi Kashyap , Grade VII, MRIS 21C, Faridabad

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