Let watching television no more be a bad habit!

One fine day in 1926, a genius called John Logie Baird sat down to assemble pairs of scissors, an old tea chest and some sealing wax with something amazingly creative on his mind. He ended up creating the very first version of our modern day television, which was christened ‘the Televisor’ at that time. At that moment, he hardly realized the gravity of his bizarre invention. ‘The televisor’ evolved over the years changing its dimensions, appearance and components with new technological advancements on its journey to becoming ‘the Television’.

Today, in 2017, television has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Flipping through its channels, one finds it donning the roles of  a recipe teaching granny, a  religious leader, a live newspaper, an over confident marketing person, a wildlife guide, a yoga guru, a comedian to leave you in splits, a family drama to leave you in tears, a suspense thriller to leave you biting your nails, and so much more..

Such a multifaceted device and still watching it is termed as a bad habit many a times. Why? The reason lies in the question itself. The multifarious content a television telecasts is a blend of good and bad; useful and not so useful stuff. Not all of us viewers, of different age groups, make the right decision to watch what’s right for us. It’s an ‘open to all’ source of information and entertainment which may or may not be relevant to everyone. Unnecessary exposure leads to age inappropriate growth of kids or youth.

Even if one is watching just the informative and age relevant stuff on a television, one can’t take away from it the disadvantages of harm to eyesight and decreased physical activity due to its prolonged viewing. It is gradually replacing the playground or park hours of children. It is also eating up family time with members glued to TV silently for hours. A family bond requires eye contact, giggles, conversations, board games to grow. Spending hours in a room in front of a television like total strangers mars this family connection. These days, few mothers smartly engage their fussy eater kids with the television and then shove food down their throats. Even cranky kids can be calmed once the hypnotizing television gets switched on. This makes television qualify one more role – a babysitter. Really?

So, the key to making prudent use of John Logie Baird’s wonderful invention is to check the quality of the content one is watching and the quantity i.e. the time one is watching television for. Let it not take away the childhood charm from our kids and the creative exploration hours from our youth.  Let it not replace the rich familial memories. Let it not nip our future sports achievers in the bud by keeping them indoors doing nothing more than wasting their energy and zeal on an idiot box.

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